Fight for a socialist future. Join the campaign.

Young people have spent most of our lives under Tory governments led by the people who introduced austerity, did nothing about climate change, and endangered our futures. We need the Labour Party to win the next election - and then, we need it to change things. That means radical policy, not half-measures and little reforms. We're going to build a socialist Young Labour that knows what it believes, and isn't afraid to talk straight to the leadership.

But we're going to do more than talk. By taking collective action and linking up with other movements, we'll fight for our priorities where it matters - on the ground.

Young Labour has one job: to fight for a socialist future - and we're the people to do it.

We're Socialist Future.


Our candidates

Jess Barnard


As a youth worker in Norwich I've seen first hand the cost of Tory austerity. We need Young Labour to be the powerful voice challenging a system that has...

Lamar Campbell


I am running for International Rep on the Young Labour Committee for a movement that fights racism, builds working class power, and in a way that benefits...

Hasan Patel


I’m running for under 18’s representative because our party needs to do much more to centre the voices of its youngest members in the fight against continued...

Fraser Amos


For too long students in the Labour Party have gone without real support for grassroots organising. I'm standing to change that and build a democratic,...

Nabeela Mowlana


When I entered university, becoming a student organiser was not on my to-do list. Having worked with and for students as the co-chair of Sheffield Young...

Micaela Tracy-Ramos


My name is Micaela and I am a student at Liverpool University and have served on the Liverpool Labour Club executive for the last two years. We need an...

Kat Harlow


My name is Katherine Harlow, I’m 21, originally from South Derbyshire, but now based in Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire. I’ve been heavily involved in...

Shannon Jezzard


Having organised Young Labour campaign days across the East of England over the past few years, I know the talent of our brilliant young activists, and...

Caoimhe Hale


My priorities as YLNC London Rep and Chair of LYL would be: Trade Unionism A central aim of mine is to bring together trade unions and young workers;...

Mohammad Suhail


Last December, we saw what happens when the Labour Party loses its connection with its roots. Now more than ever we need strong, radical Young Labour groups...

Connor Slomski


I joined the Labour Party to fight for a socialist Labour government with class politics at its heart. Five years later, I am standing for Young Labour...

Patricia Johnston


I joined Labour under Jeremy Corbyn because his socialist vision spoke to young people like me. However, ever since changing leaders, our party has distanced...

Nekisa Gholami-Babaahmady


I’m Nekisa Gholami-Babaahmady and I’m standing to be your South East Rep on the Young Labour National Committee. I believe in a youth wing and a region...

Daisy Carter


If elected, my priority would be to establish a radical, democratic, and inclusive South West Young Labour. As one of the only regions without an active...

Lewis Griffiths


I'm a 20-year-old cleaner from Pontypool. I've been Labour since 2018 when the inspiring leadership of Jeremy Corbyn convinced me that the Labour Party...

Nazifa Zaman


Young people have been let down by this Tory government, and it’s time to fight back. I’m running to be West Midlands Rep on the Young Labour committee...

Annie Maloney


I’m Annie Maloney and I’m standing to be your next rep for Yorkshire and Humber on Young Labour’s National Committee. I’m standing on a platform of trade...

Lara McNeill


I am re-standing to be your NEC Youth Rep on my record of: - Fighting for a democratic party - Standing on an unashamedly socialist platform - Delivering...