Aaran McDonald




Now more than ever, students right across Scotland need a socialist future. While the cost-of-living crisis is currently continuing to grow we are being let down by both governments. Whether that be the SNP/Green Government who continue to vote alongside the Tories to vote down progressive socialist policies such as a rent freeze and universal free school meals or the Tories in Westminster who continue to be filled with sleaze and corruption while allowing the crisis to grow. Both governments are more than happy to sit back and allow students to suffer.

Having set up the new UWS Labour society I know how we can engage students to grow our movement and get them involved. Using this knowledge, I will work with our Scottish Clubs to grow our movement.

Now is the time for a Labour Party worthy of its name, a party which is proud to be party of the wider Labour Movement, a party which is not ashamed to be a socialist party and a Party that stands up for working people and students across the country. That’s why I’m standing to be our Scotland rep on the new National Labour Students.

Fight for a socialist future. Join the campaign.