Grace Ashworth




Hi, I’m Grace (she/her). I’m standing to be re-elected as Women’s Officer onto the Young Labour National Committee. In the short time I’ve been on committee I’ve seen what we have had to fight for and stand up to within the Party structures to ensure our Young Members get what they deserve.

If re-elected as Young Labour Women’s Officer I’ll continue to support the Young Labour regional reps in increasing involvement of women organisers as well as being open and willing to support young organisers in the Party.

I want to continue the work I am already doing to provide educational and self-organising spaces for women, as well as amplifying the views of marginalised women to ensure everybody feels welcome in Young Labour spaces. I will hold our Party to account where it fails trans, black and other marginalised women.

I want to continue to share resources and information about trade unionism and opportunities for young members encouraging them to stand as shop stewards and reps in their workplaces. I’m proud to be standing with the support of Momentum and trade unionists to fight for a socialist future.

Fight for a socialist future. Join the campaign.