Harry Burke



Coming from a traditional Tory stronghold, I’ve learnt how to fight hard for socialism at a local level. I’ve organised BLM protests in face of angry counter protestors, I’ve been campaigning whilst members of the public have verbally and even physically assaulted my fellow Labour Party members, and I’ve done the community work; litter picking, door knocking and leafleting. As a young person it’s been difficult to be treated fairly in these circumstances. That’s why I’m running as West Midlands representative – to help other young people who aren’t taken seriously. Born and raised in Herefordshire but with family across Birmingham, I’m a West Midlands lad, and to be able to represent our young people would be an incredible honour. My priorities will be; helping get your voice heard, encouraging youth trade union membership, standing up for trans rights in the Labour Party, decolonising the curriculum, and most importantly fighting for socialist causes across the West Midlands. I am proud to be standing with the support of Momentum and trade unions to fight for a Socialist Future. To quote Salvador Allende, "History is ours and the people make history" – young people will be heard, and we will make history!

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