Hasan Patel




I’m running to be London’s representative on Young Labour’s national committee because we deserve an active and campaigning regional youth wing. Having been on Young Labour’s committee for the past 2 years as Under 18’s rep, I know how important it is to have young socialists taking the lead representing young members. We need a youth wing that is willing to fight for socialist policies that actually address the crises of our time; tackling the Tory manufactured cost of living crisis, the climate crisis, systemic racism and the housing crisis.

As your rep, I will restart London Young Labour to train up and educate young members on the skills they need to build power in our communities. I’m proud to be standing with the support of Momentum and trade unionists to fight for a socialist future. As a working-class Muslim from the East End, I know London Young Labour can be a force for change and a site of resistance for young people angry at the status quo. I will continue to help build a Young Labour that stands up for Trans folk, our Muslim members and all young people across the country.

Fight for a socialist future. Join the campaign.