Joshua Freestone




I’m Joshua and I’m standing for Labour Students North Rep. I’m proud to call myself a socialist, and a trade unionist. Tony Benn once spoke of two flames alight in the human heart, the flame of anger against an unjust world, and the flame of hope for a better one. Our duty is to fan both flames.

As a CLP Youth Officer, Cheshire Rep for Northwest Young Labour, Secretary of Durham University Labour Club and organiser with North East Student Solidarity that’s what I’ve worked to do.

Students have experienced the brunt of the pandemic, left behind by Universities and Government – exploited for fees and rent. But together we have the power to transform our education system. The energy we’ve seen on picket lines and in rent strikes can be the beginning of a movement for a free democratised education system.

I’m standing to bring together Labour Clubs and student groups across our region to create spaces of socialist political education. Together we’ll build a democratic Labour Students that provides resources and organisation to empower students struggling for socialism.

I’m proud to be standing with the support of Momentum and trade unionists to fight for a socialist future.

Fight for a socialist future. Join the campaign.