Lubaba Khalid



I have long considered the Labour Party my political home. Yet, it is no secret that young people of colour have found the current political climate untenable. I’m standing to build an empowered, campaigning socialist youth wing that is unafraid to stand up for the communities we represent and unashamedly stands against Tory attempts to divide and rule our communities.

Being a disabled Black and Palestinian woman, I understand the importance of intersectional organising across our movement. Our organising must be anti-racist, anti-imperialist, and committed to global liberation. I will build on Young Labour’s important work standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people and all those oppressed by imperialism, racism and capitalism across the globe.

Having organised as BAME officer in my students’ union and in my community, I understand that collective organising is our source of strength. From climate strikers to Kill the Bill protestors, young members are leading the way. As BAME Rep, I will harness this energy to establish a network of organisers; bringing us together to access political education, and organise across our campuses, communities and workplaces.

I’m proud to be standing with the support of Momentum and trade unionists to fight for a socialist future.

Fight for a socialist future. Join the campaign.