Zac Bates Fisher




It is vital that the new Labour Students is a radical and democratic force that represents students of all ages and backgrounds. I’m proud to be standing for ordinary rep as a further education student.

I want a Labour Students that supports strikes and understands that building solidarity is essential to winning demarketised and decolonised education. I’m standing for a Labour Students that works with staff and unions such as the NEU to support teachers facing pay cuts and tough working conditions.

Further education is not a level playing field – students at private schools have smaller classes and inflated exam results, and remain over-represented at top universities and throughout Britain’s political class. I’ll organise Labour students at further education institutions and campaign for a free and equal education for all students regardless of background.

Labour Students must not be afraid to stand with the Palestinian people in their fight for peace and justice. As a proud Jewish socialist, if elected I will build relationships with groups such as Na’amod and IfNotNow to fight for an end to apartheid and occupation.

I’m proud to be standing with the support of Momentum and trade unionists to fight for a socialist future.

Fight for a socialist future. Join the campaign.